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Anna-Kay Thomas

Until Next Time!

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commented on 09/09/2016 9:41 AM
Hi, Anna-Kay! Great job on your vid! No wonder you won! I applied for the Puerto Vallarta Travel Journalist job on here. Could you vote for me, please? I'd appreciate it! All of our videos on the travel journalist job pales in comparison with all of the winners on here! Sigh! Vikki Loh-Berri
Shan Rosenbaum commented on 03/15/2015 1:22 PM
Aw, fun :) It looked like you had an awesome time!

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The Gossip Table is the show that airs right after Big Morning Buzz Live. As you would expect, it covers celebrity and entertainment gossip - but in the most hilarious and unscripted way. The cast consists of five dynamic co-hosts: Rob Shuter (NaughtyButNiceRob.com), Marianne Garvey (New York Daily News), Noah Levy (In Touch Weekly), Chloe Melas(Hollywoodlife.com) and Delaina Dixon (DivaGalsDaily.com and JETmag.com). 

What's even cooler about this cast is that they source their own stories - they're all legitmate entertainment writers and reporters by craft. 

It was a great added perk to be able to watch Gossip Table film live and hang out with the cast backstage. Who knows, maybe I will be on the show in a few years!

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Rob Lewis = the cool older brother I never had.

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Jonathan Naugles commented on 10/15/2015 6:52 PM
I wish I could have got that job. Interviewer''. Jonathan Naugles

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Jackie Miranne is one of the sweetest, most high-energy and fun people I've met so far during my stint at VH1. That amazing, dynamic and bubbly personality that she shows on camera is 100% who she is in real life. Hanging out with her backstage was a blast and per usual, she #NALEDIT when it came to our holiday gifts. 
You may be seeing me with Jackie again come December - stay tuned! ;) 

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