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*Profiles are private and seen only by Krista Parkinson and a representative from the company she thinks you might be a fit for. Please include your email address and phone number in the "Tell us about you" section of your account profile, so Krista can contact you about potential opportunities.

Krista Parkinson, Founder of My Grads Get Jobs, has spent over 18 years as an entertainment industry professional helping hundreds of producers, directors, writers and on camera talent land the jobs that were perfectly suited for them. This former WME talent agent knows how to spot talent and match people up with the right opportunities!

With My Grads Get Jobs, she's made it her mission to help college students land the right entertainment internship or first-time job.

If you are a college student or recent graduate looking to break into the entertainment business, then create a Profile and upload your video to this page.

Tell us a little about yourself (who are you, where are you from, what makes you unique) and what area of the entertainment business you're looking to break into (TV, Film, Music, Tech etc…). If you are shy, don't worry about it. The profile video can be as short as 10 seconds or as long as a minute. Whatever you feel comfortable with. Below are videos that will help you through the process.

Here's a great video example:

Every day, Krista will be looking at what entertainment opportunities are out there and matching them with the best candidates here.

If you are a company looking to use Krista's services to help you recruit quality young talent, please contact her at

To learn more about Krista's additional private services for both companies and students, visit

Thank You! We can't wait to help you land the perfect opportunity!


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My Grads Get Jobs

With 18 years of entertainment industry experience, including working as a WME talent agent, Krista Parkinson has guided hundreds of executives, producers, talent and crew in the art of gainful employment.

She is now applying those same principles to My Grads Gets Jobs by connecting her national college student network with entertainment companies needing quality, pre-screened young talent.

Krista also serves as an adjunct Professor in the Cinema School at USC, where she teaches a course she created called “Breaking Into the Entertainment Business."

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