Wildlife Volunteer

Location: Thailand
DreamJob Description

Spend time in Thailand helping conservation efforts for the endangered Asian Elephant. Help care for and manage the responsible preservation of these amazing animals.

Visit elephant camps located in different regions of Thailand, assisting with hands on care for elephants and the development of sustainable businesses to support responsible elephant tourism.

Thailand is unique in many ways, from its unique culture through to the amazing diverse geography. Population growth, development and tourism are all contributing to the increasing impact on the environment and wildlife in Thailand. Particularly as it relates to the protection of the Asian Elephant.

Elephants have played an important part in Thailand's history and today the Thai elephant (chang Thai,) remains as an enduring symbol of Thailand. In bygone eras they were used in warfare, and as a beast of burden in the logging industry.

In 1900, the number of elephants in Thailand was estimated to be around 100,000, but just over a century later, that figure had been dramatically reduced to around 3,000 – 4,000 making the Asian Elephant officially an endangered species.

This is an exciting opportunity to make a real difference to one of the worlds most amazing animals, while taking time to experience Amazing Thailand.

Apply now by uploading a video application (1 minute or less) telling us your story and why you are perfect for this DreamJob. Must have a passport by December 2014 and be 18 and over.

Chosen applications will receive:

  • Airfare to and from Thailand
  • Two weeks accommodation
  • Travel expenses
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Brooke Maxson, Christie Volkmer, Rebecca Roeder

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