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Location: Europe to Africa
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This may be the coolest internship we've ever seen.

TDA Global Cycling is seeking amateur videographers for the chance to travel the world and produce great videos in 2018! Click "Apply Now" to learn more and apply for your chance at this life-changing experience!

The Details: Apply today for an immersive and all-expenses-paid internship 4 month assignment. This adventure starts September in Barcelona. Your job will be to film our cycling adventures: Trans-Europa and West Africa. This is an unprecedented chance to hone your video skills and expand your understanding of the world. We want you to produce a series of videos highlighting the places we cycle, the people we meet, and the intrepid cyclists who undertake these daunting adventures. They are rewarded with tired legs and a deep sense of accomplishment.

You will choose each day how best to capture your shots, and to experience the environments alongside the cyclists. Choose to ride your bike one day, stopping along the way to capture candid interactions of the cyclists with local people, experiencing local culture and scenery. Choose on another day to travel ahead in our support vehicles to scout out the best vantage point to capture the cyclists riding thru a beautifully framed shot.

The Travel: You will be flown to Barcelona, Spain in early September for orientation, and to start filming. September will be spent traveling alongside the cyclists of the Trans-Europa, filming as they pedal across Spain and Portugal to Lisbon. After some time editing in Lisbon, and getting travel visas, you'll fly to Casablanca and prepare for the start of the inaugural West Africa en Vélo – TDA Global Cycling's latest project. Over the next 2 months, you will travel with the cyclists and support team from Casablanca, Morocco to Cape Coast, Ghana. Henry Gold, founder of TDA Global Cycling and a former filmmaker, will be cycling this route and will be providing you with support and feedback throughout. Along the route you will occasionally take time in the national capitals to catalogue your footage, and do some editing, using local busses and regional flights to catch up to the cyclists. The filming and the bike tour wrap up in December, and then you'll have a few weeks in the editing studio before the end of the internship.

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TDA Global Cycling

TDA Global Cycling operates ambitious cycling tours in over 80 countries, including the iconic Tour d'Afrique from Cairo to Cape Town. We take amateur cyclists on unique, memorable, and often transformative bicycle adventures. Watching layers of history reveal themselves in Europe, or pedalling past ancient baobab trees and plunging waterfalls in West Africa – the potential for rich experiences (and great video content) is everywhere.

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