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Are you a college student interested in pursing a career in entertainment?

Or are you currently in a career and thinking about switching things up and diving into the world of show biz?

Helenna Santos is the Founder of Ms. In The Biz and an Indie Producer, Writer, and Actor and would love to offer one person a work shadow opportunity for three months!

From Helenna: "I know exactly what it's like to feel uncertain about a career path in entertainment. When I was starting out, I was lucky that I had a number of amazing mentors around me to help guide me through what can be a very confusing journey. I'd love to pay it forward and mentor someone who is looking for guidance.

I'll be offering two, 30 minute phone or Skype conversations per month for 3 months. Please leave me a video of up to 60 seconds telling me why you should be chosen to be my mentee. Excited to see your applications!"

Connect with Helenna on twitter here: @mshelenna on instagram here: @mshelenna


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Ms. In The Biz

Helenna Santos is the Founder of “Ms. In The Biz" and a producer, writer, and actor with Mighty Pharaoh Films.

She can often be found on panels and appearances at conventions such as San Diego “Comic-Con" and Stan Lee's LA Comic Con, and has been interviewed by major press outlets including CNN and FOX News.

Her work as a contributing writer has been featured in MovieMaker Magazine, Backstage Magazine, and IndieWire, and she co-authored the book "Thriving in Hollywood! Tenacious Tales and Tactics from Ms. In The Biz".

In addition to producing numerous short films and digital series, she recently completed production on the sci-fi feature film "RESOUND", and is also currently in post-production for the adventure/thriller feature film “At Your Own Risk" both of which she produced and stars in.

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