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Location: Los Angeles
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Calling all college students!

Ever wanted to learn directly from filmmakers? Well, now's your chance.

Mirrortree Productions is looking for one lucky intern to join them for a week in Los Angeles, California to learn all about the independent filmmaking business. You'll learn the many sides of the industry including script writing, editing, casting, networking and location scouting to name a few. This experience will provide an inside look at the different components to being a successful independent film maker from creation of a project to final delivery.

To apply upload a 60 second video and tell us why you've got what it takes to be the next intern for Mirrortree Productions. Show us your passion and enthusiasm for filmmaking and storytelling and you could be joining the team in Los Angeles.

Mirrortree's films can be seen across many platforms and in different countries around the world. Their debut feature film, 'Home Sweet Home' is a home invasion thriller that is the perfect example of a guerrilla film (iTunes, Amazon, Netflix DVD, and DVD). Their 2nd feature, 'Catching Faith' rocketed them into the family film arena and stars Bill Engvall (iTunes, Amazon, Netflix Streaming, and DVD). Their third feature, 'Wish For Christmas' is now available on DVD and on demand. "At Your Own Risk" which is a co-production with Mighty Pharaoh Films will be released in 2017.


  • 5 full days working with the team
  • lunch and beverages provided daily
  • travel during the work day if away from the office


  • travel & housing not provided
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Mirrortree Productions

Mirrortree Productions creates intriguing, diverse films, which are developed, produced and finished in house. Our company prides itself on creating films where women are featured in-front of and behind the camera.

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