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ABOUT THE MENTOR: Leadership Expert & Author David Kahn

Hey, I'm David Kahn from West Palm Beach, Florida. I have over 20 years experience as an human resource executive and am the author of the book "Cape, Spandex, Briefcase: Leadership Lessons from Superheroes." I regularly speak, write, and work with business leaders to enhance their leadership skills and their organizations. In addition, I have a Ph.D. in leadership and write for where I make leadership theories and research accessible by adding a twist of pop culture.


I will offer a 30 minute video conference call every quarter for a selected student to answer their questions about this career path and discuss ways to become a successful leader.

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Author & Human Resources Executive

In the award-winning book Cape, Spandex, Briefcase leadership expert David Kahn tells the story of a motivated young man who yearns to be successful in his new leadership role. He holds the manager title, but is struggling to become an actual leader. After an especially horrific experience, he is sent to a leadership coach…but why is this “expert" working in a comic book shop?

With Superman, Spider-Man and their costumed companions serving as paradigms of what it means to be a leader, this book introduces the “Five Superpowers of Leaders" and presents us with practical tools and skills necessary to motivate teams and earn respect.

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