Lucky Buddha Beer Co-Star

Location: Southern California
DreamJob Description

Lucky Buddha Beer is looking for someone to join Jeff Schroeder as a Co-Star in their next commercial!

Lucky Buddha is a great beer. There's no question you're going to love the taste, but there's an added bonus - you'll treasure this incredible bottle.

From the carved glass and the Buddha grin, to the four good luck symbols on the bottom of the bottle, this beer is all about an experience.

Since the beer launched 3 years ago, Lucky Buddha has seen some very clever ways do-it-yourselfers have reused this famous bottle.

So creative in fact, that the team at Lucky Buddha is searching across the country for the right creative person to join Jeff Schroeder in staring in their next commercial.

Lucky Buddha Beer is looking for people who are passionate about Do-It-Yourself projects, are creative, and have a great personality to share the spotlight with Jeff on camera! If you have one, or all three of those traits, we want to hear from you.

Here's how it works:

Upload a one-minute video showing us your personality and tell us your Lucky Buddha Beer idea. If you have a DIY talent, then showcase the Lucky Buddha Bottle in a fun and creative way! The DreamJobbing Community will be supporting you through Likes and Comments on your application video.

Lucky Buddha Beer will be choosing the top 12 applicants based on the creativity of their application video, background and voice of the DreamJobbing Community.

The chosen applicant will be flown to Southern California where they'll meet Lucky Buddha US President: Kevin Swadish. You'll hang out with the creative team at DreamJobbing, and work with Jeff and the film crew to create one amazing commercial for Lucky Buddha Beer.

All right, that's about it! Be creative and have some fun. We look forward to seeing you on set soon!

Chosen applicant will receive:

  • Round trip airfare
  • Accommodations and travel
  • Per-diem

Candidate Requirements:

  • The Lucky Buddha Beer Co-Star must be 21 years or older (Valid government picture ID required) and must follow and meet all of the Official Rules
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Chelsey Thompson, Brenden Wedner

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Brenden Wedner


Chelsey Thompson


Lucky Buddha Beer

Lucky Buddha Beer is brewed and bottled at the Thousand Island Lake in China fusing the finest quality malt, hops, rice and water from this pristine region delivering an Asian style lager that is truly an enlightened brew. The “Laughing Buddha$quot; depicted on Lucky Buddha beer is actually not THE Buddha and therefore not religious but cultural. He is incorporated in Buddhist, Taoist and Shinto traditions. The term Buddha means “one who is awake$quot;, connoting one who has awakened into enlightenment.

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