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In April of 1990, the Montana State Legislature provided funding for Jobs for Montana's Graduates to undertake the mission of assisting students to stay in school, participate in their community, graduate, then successfully transition into employment, post-secondary education, trade/technical education, apprenticeship, or the military. Today, Jobs for Montana's Graduates is for every student in any community. JMG is a program now funded by the Montana Department of Labor and Industry to support students by providing them project-based learning, employability skills, leadership development, social and civic activities, and career awareness.

JMG is a state affiliate of the national organization known as Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) which has a total of 33 state organizations. JMG has been recognized as one of the nation's most cost-efficient and high performing programs in the nation; and continues that tradition having been awarded the JAG 5 of 5 state recognition in 2017 for meeting standards in graduation rates, job placements, positive outcomes, and placement in a post-secondary education.

By partnering with DreamJobbing, JMG is continuing to expand their students' opportunities and knowledge. The JMG students have made video profiles telling their story and talking about their dream career below. If interested in mentoring or helping any of these students, please reach out to

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Jobs for Montana's Graduates

Jobs for Montana's Graduates promotes students to stay in school through graduation and work with them to successfully transition from school into employment, post-secondary education, apprenticeship, the military, or where their path takes them. JMG currently serves over 1,130 students per year in 32 High Schools, 14 Middle Schools, 7 Alternative High Schools and 2 "Out-of-School" programs with includes the Montana Youth Challenge Academy (MYCA) and Workforce Innovation Act (WIOA). Jobs for Montana's Graduates is always looking for partners to collectively impacting student success and engagement in school. We connect students with local employers by bringing employers into the classroom to be guest speakers, requiring students to conduct job shadows and involving local employers in community service projects.

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