DreamJobbing for High School Students

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This online course was specifically designed to help students with their career development and to connect classroom learning with real world career development opportunities. Our video based curriculum, workbook, and DreamJobbing site teach students, and give them the tools, to network and connect with professionals in their favorite careers. There is no better way to learn about a job, than from the professionals who do them every day!

In addition to the workbook and course is an included digital series named "5 Questions With..." where instructor Alex Boylan interviews top professionals about their career. This series covers a wide range of industries and is informative and engaging – inspiring students to pursue their dream careers.

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DreamJobbing U

DreamJobbing U was founded by three award-winning Hollywood Producers who have learned the value of networking, relationships, and persistence- Lisa Hennessy, Alex Boylan and Burton Roberts. Lisa Hennessy is an Emmy-Nominated Producer who has launched and run hit TV shows and their businesses including Eco-Challenge, Survivor, and The Biggest Loser. Alex Boylan is also an Emmy-Nominated Producer who alongside Burton Roberts were the managing partners of Around The World Productions. The team has filmed in over 60 countries worldwide with 50+ years of combined media and business experience. After years of focus groups and career development projects, they launched DreamJobbing U- a platform that combines their media backgrounds with useful career development skills and tools. Together, they are excited to share create career development, interactive media content for students around the world.

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