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Location: West Palm Beach Office, Florida
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AppleOne is one of the largest staffing agencies in the county connecting people, their skills, career goals and aspirations with the right companies.

Our office here in West Palm Beach is excited to announce a new - once-a-quarter - work shadow opportunity for high school students.

The first opportunity will take place on March 28th, 2017, right here in our West Palm Beach Location.



Have you ever wondered why you are naturally drawn to certain careers? We are here to help you explore and then pursue career paths where you will find the most success in your life.

When it comes to your personal development, it is critically important that you identify, understand and leverage the areas in your life where you are naturally gifted. Using that knowledge and applying it to your everyday life will yield positive results. When we use our strengths vs. our weaknesses, we become more engaged in what we are doing and will likely be more happy in our everyday lives.

During this half-day workshop, we will identify your top five natural strengths, as well as your talents and passions—and how you can you align them with your career aspirations. You will experience true power and confidence once you begin to use your natural talents. Kelly Merbler, AppleOne's Regional Leader, will then help you develop and use those skills.

This will be an interactive workshop conducted in a group setting with 6-8 students per group. The program will allow each student to share ideas. Access your maximum potential to be the best version you in your personal and professional life!


For interested students, the process to apply is simple:

1. Create a DreamJobbing Profile if you haven't already.

2. Create a video telling us what this opportunity would mean to you and why you want to take part in this AppleOne work shadow opportunity.

We can't wait to see your video applications!


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What if you knew how employers viewed your resume so you had the best shot at getting an interview? What if you went into the interview with confidence knowing in advance what you were likely to be asked and how best to answer? What if you could have someone negotiate your salary for you? And, what if you had somebody in your corner to give you advice and hope when you needed it? This isn't a fantasy. For more than half-a-million people this is what it's like working with AppleOne. Since 1964, we have connected the best people, their talents, skills, and aspirations with the best companies. Let us help you achieve your career goals.

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