Assistant Philanthropic Matchmaker

Location: Remote or local to Orange County, CA
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Founder, Tracy Stayton is an expert in philanthropy and is passionate to share her knowledge while building a team focused on giving back to the world around them.

4Tunate is looking for interns driven by kindness, compassion, and gratitude with a love of helping companies foster these traits and thrive in social impact and social responsibility.

THE INTERNSHIP: "Assistant Philanthropic Matchmaker":

As an Assistant Philanthropic Matchmaker you will have the unique opportunity to pair the needs of non-profit organizations with companies who are looking to give back to their communities and the world.

You will make a difference daily by helping to research and facilitate these opportunities as well as spread the word via social media channels, business outreach, and networking. Together with founder Tracy Stayton you will spread the 4tunate mission and message, helping the world be more 4tunate each and every day!


  • Assisting with social media/marketing
  • Customer service
  • Office operations
  • Growing the 4Tunate community


  • 18+
  • passion for social good and philanthropic organizations
  • knowledge of current social media platforms and trends
  • skill in researching, community building, and branding

Note: this is a non-paid internship

Location: Remote, or local to Orange County, California

Length: ongoing


How to apply:

Upload a video of up to 60 seconds explaining why you would love to be a "Assistant Philanthropic Matchmaker" at 4Tunate.


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After independently traveling the globe for one year performing 34 acts of service in her 34tunate year of life, Tracy Stayton was impressed by the desires of so many people to help, but was surprised by the lack of direction to do so.

This, coupled with the resounding realization that “no one has nothing" sparked the 4tunate movement. What started with the simple act of encouraging friends and family to focus on the positives by posting things on social media using the #4tunate hashtag – specifically at the end of each week on #4tunateFriday – has now turned into an entire movement that schools, organizations, and corporations are jumping on board to participate.

At it's core, the 4tunate movement reminds everyone to focus on "the have" instead of "the have not's" and to pay-it-forward through service work. Participants in the movement sign up and commit to a minimum of 4 acts of service per year. This quantifiable commitment is not only attainable, but impactful to the participant and those being served.

Ask yourself, how much more 4tunate would we all be if we did a minimum of one thing every three months to serve others and the world around us. It may seem small, but the impact would be HUGE!

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