Episode 1

Photojournalist in Norway

University student Arnold Lan wins his "Dream Job", that of a traveling photojournalist, and his two-week assignment is to visit Norway and immerse himself in the culture, people, locations and natural beauty in search of the perfect photograph.

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commented on 09/07/2016 7:26 PM
Hey, Arnold! Love your stuff! I'm applying for the Travel Journalist job for Puerto Vallarta - how did you get people to sign up and vote? Have any tips for me? I'm having trouble getting "likes"....of course, all of the applicants for the Travel Journalist job - our videos are nothing like yours! Yours was so great! Vikki
Krista Parkinson commented on 12/02/2015 10:32 AM
I want to go to Norway right away!! This is incredible!
Virginia Lu commented on 10/15/2015 1:00 PM
Arnold did an excellent job with his traveling in Norway! I thoroughly enjoyed his photography and perspective! Kudos to you for choosing the right candidate!
Brian Pitcher commented on 10/15/2015 11:47 AM
Great work being a avid photographer I thought this was brilliant...Makes me remember why this country is on my short list of places to see..
September 28, 2015
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