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What it means to be a #DreamJobber

Alex Boylan, Burton Roberts and I founded DreamJobbing in 2014 because we have been incredibly fortunate during our careers and we wanted to pay it forward and create a place were people can come to find amazing opportunities and experiences. A place where people can come to be inspired by stories of people living incredible lives. A place where dreaming big is encouraged and applauded. A place of community where people are supported for following their passions.

Since launching, we have offered gigs all around the world in varies industries: from being a photographer in Norway to an on air host for the Olympic Games. Moving forward, our goal is to offer an amazing new opportunity every day so our DreamJobbing community has many options throughout the year.

Since launching, thousands of DreamJobbers have used our site to create a video profile to properly tell their story to land a dream job or dream experience. To be a DreamJobber means to follow your passion and encourage others to do so as well.

Meet some of the DreamJobbers who have landed amazing jobs or experiences:

Marina Santos, 27, Model and Host. DreamJob landed: on air host for the olympic games:

Alexandra Sedlak, 26, Singer/Song Writer. DreamJob landed: Songwriter for Safe Auto Commercial:

Arnold Lan, 23, photographer and recent grad from Toronto. DreamJob landed: Photographer for Visit Norway. Arnold's DreamJobbing experience was covered as an episode of TV:

Bayyina Black, 28, Blogger. DreamJob Landed: - Global Giver for TOMS:

Amber Kemp-Gerstel, 35 - DreamJob landed: DYI Talent on Hallmark's Home and Family:

Anna Kay Thomas, 24 host and poet - DreamJob landed: Host on VH1:

Becky Roeder, 23 recent grad for Kansas U. DreamJob landed: WildLife Volunteer in Thailand:

Thank you to everyone who is part of DreamJobbing family; the DreamJobbers who have applied and the DreamMakers who have offered the opportunities.

You inspire us.

As a company we are just getting started; we thank you for joining us on the journey.

- Lisa Hennessy, Co-Founder of DreamJobbing

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