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Featured DreamMaker: The Clymb's Chief Brand Officer Luis Vargas

Luis, I wanted to start by saying thank you and the Clymb for offering six absolutely epic dream jobs - photography assignments for the Clymb either in Peru, Ecuador (Galapagos), Nepal, Antarctica, Tanzania, and Alaska.

How did you and the team choose those breathtaking locations?

Thanks Lisa, we've so enjoyed collaborating with DreamJobbing to make these dream assignments come to life. In short, we wanted to pick trips that would truly deliver the wow factor -- an exciting range of destinations representing the world's most diverse landscapes, cultures, and opportunities for adventure.

What did you and team enjoy most about seeing the video applicants?

We enjoyed seeing the unique talent, experience, and unbridled passion for travel that these applicants brought to the table. Everyone carried such different stories and perspectives, yet each embodied a deep-seated enthusiasm for seeing and capturing the world.

In the end you chose Brooke Bierhaus, Christopher McGraw, Boone Sommerfeld, Jeff Berg, Joe Large, Ben Law.

I had the pleasure of speaking to each of them the week they found out the news. They were all so appreciative and excited to on assignment for The Clymb. I definitely think you now have six brand ambassadors for life! Do you guys have an update when they are each heading out? I'm sure our community is going to want to live vicariously through them on social media. I know I will!

Not quite yet, as the six tour operators are currently working with each applicant to determine their travel plans. Likely, most will travel in 2017. So stay tuned! The best way to make sure you don't miss out is to follow The Clymb and DreamJobbing on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter.

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Joe Large commented on 11/08/2016 1:38 PM
I'm so excited to be a part of this. Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity!