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#DreamJobber Spotlight: Home and Family Home Cook Finalist Michael Odiari

Hi Michael! We are very excited to feature you on DreamJobbing. BIG CONGRATS on being a finalist in the Home & Family Home Cook competition! Let's dive in!

I'd love to start off finding out a bit more about your background as an athlete. Can you please take us through the history of that and how this first career path lead you to the world of cooking?

Football itself has taken me on a long windy journey which led me to Texas State University. I walked on as defensive end and the first time I tried out, I didn't make the team. I thought that was it, so I was preparing to hang the hat. Something spoke to me so the next semester I went back and gave it one last try. This time, I made it, and from there I led the conference in sacks and ranked 23rd nationally in NCAA for sacks.

Growing up my parents would always have us help in the kitchen.They believed if we knew how to cook it would be easier for us when we were older, and on our own. Playing football my appetite was bigger than my personality. For instance if I went out to eat, an hour later I would be hungry again. This is where I started implementing cooking where I could make large portions, and always go back for more if needed. From this we started "Cookin' on a Dime" on snapchat where we would cook and entertain, and people were talking back to us because the presentation of the meals. Through this, we started creating more segments and releasing them out into the world, and seeing the opportunities that it threw back at us.

What was it like for you to go from submitting your video application on DreamJobbing to appearing on Home & Family?

What it was like submitting our video was merely strategic.

When we found out about the opportunity and when I say we, I'm referring to my buddy who helped produce the video, we had a total of two weeks left. So we knew in order for us to have a shot we need to create a plan and execute it in one week.

The plan consisted of shooting our video, and showcasing/answering the questions they asked. Edit our video, create numerous social media platforms. Then use the last week we had left for marketing and allowing voters to go and like our video. Through the process Andrew and I were in for a grind going to bed at 3am waking up at 7am for our normal jobs, and coming back and putting more effort into accomplishing the goal. Through the process we had to channel my creative side, as well as things we've learned on other production sets and applied it to our video. But when we finally made it, the reward of being there was priceless. It showed that the hard work we put in was paying off.

What was your favorite thing about being on the show?

My favorite thing about being on the show was meeting new people, and creating long lasting connections.

Has this experience changed how you feel about your career going forward?

I feel this experience has changed my career going forward, because it allowed me to put things into perspective. It allowed me to ask myself serious questions of where I would want to see myself in the line of work I'm doing later in the future.

What's next for you?

My next step is following that dream to be on TV/Film industry. Right now I'm creating my acting package to send out to talent agencies, as well as people I've met. We're taking "Cookin on a Dime" to another level, as I use that to create an opportunity for me as I venture on my journey.

Do you have any advice for our readers on finding their ideal career or dream job?

My advice for a dream job reader on finding their ideal career would be: get to know who you are. Take time to sit down with no distractions and figure yourself out, and find out what it was that you always loved to do. Don't focus on the money, but on the grind and on trying to obtain that vision. When you've found out what that vision may be, arrange a plan and no matter what anyone says, execute it!! Then see what happens.

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