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#DreamJobber Spotlight: Home & Family Home Cook Finalist Lynconia Sims

Hi Lynn! HUGE CONGRATS on being a finalist in the Home & Family Home Cook competition!

Before we dive into your experience as a DreamJobber appearing on the show, can you please tell me a little bit about your background?

Sure. I am a bonafide lover of all things Faith, Food, Family and Fun!

My experience with food began with my Grandparents and their home. We all had chores and being a girl, my Grandmother would give each of us a week in the kitchen to manage it. We would be responsible for meals, clean up and getting people to the dinner table. I know it sounds absurd now to only delegate this to girls but that was just the time she was raised. We had a huge garden in the backyard so my absolute passion started there. Just the connection with God and the soil. I'd watch my Grandfather plow the land, at which time I'd go play in the dirt just to feel it and smell it between my toes and fingers. He'd then allow me to help him plant the seeds. When the crops grew I would be amazed that a living, edible plant grew from that seed and soil. I was in awe. Aside from that, I've been in some sort of Sales Role all of my life. I am currently an Insurance Agent for State Farm.

What was it like for you to go from submitting your video application on DreamJobbing to appearing on Home & Family?

It was SURREAL! I could not believe it! The range of emotions is undefinable. I mean I was happy, anxious, overwhelmed, grateful, condident, humbled, surprised all in one. It was an experience of a lifetime! I kept saying with God all things are possible if I continue to believe and put my best foot forward. That is exactly what I did. People ask how was my "vacation" I tell them it was like a vacation because it didn't feel like work but no mistakes, I worked. It was hard yet rewarding and pleasing work. Very fulfilling. I am STILL grateful and it bring me to tears to think of the wonderful opportunity DreamJobbing afforded me!

What was your favorite thing about being on the show and being able to LIVE your DreamJob?

My favorite thing was realizing I had the support of so many from my coworkers, to people I didn't even know! Another thing, this thrusted me out of my comfort zone kind of behind the scenes, so I embraced and loved that challenge. To develop more. Meeting all of the great people at Home & Family and meeting Lisa Hennessy was the Cream Cheese icing on my Red Velvet Cake or I should say Cinnamon Rolls since that's what I made! She was so grounded and genuine and seemed to really believe fron her heart everyone should live their dreams and purpose. That was my favorite thing to sum it up, living on purpose and with precise intention doing what I've been called and purposed to do not to mention doing what I absolutely cannot thrive without doing!

Has this experience changed how you feel about your career going forward?

It has changed me for the better. To believe in myself more and to know the dreams I have are within grasp. It gave me even more tenacity, strength, courage and drive to pursue them. I feel hopeful about my career moving upward and forward. I definitely know I need to be strategic and steadfast. Just like the video posting I completed on DreamJobbing, I had a plan then I literally turned that into a vision for the video and I got some help to make the video a reality. It took, and will continue to take, faith and work.

What is the best piece of career advice you have heard? Do you have any advice for our readers on finding their ideal career or dream job?

That's a good question. The best piece of career advice I have heard is don't look back too long and when you have a success, dont get lost in that momentum. Praise God, express gratitude, enjoy the moment but move. Don't get stuck there. Keep your eyes on the main goal not necessarily the mini goals you have to get there. You celebrate them but understand they aren't the target.

My advice is twofold. If I may, I want to prayerfully speak to those who don't quite have a dream yet or know their purpose as well as those who do have a dream.

I would first say, have faith.

That little nagging feeling in your gut that tugs on you from time to time, don't ignore it. I did not always have a dream or knew my purpose. It took others sharing what they saw in me. I just took cooking as "ordinary" because again, that's what I started out "having" to do as chores. I never really paid attention to how much peace and sheer joy it brought me until later. It took me a while to wrap my head around, "I could be paid for cooking." So notice what you gravitate towards, what comes with ease for you. Embrace it and seek opportunities that align with that, even if it's volunteering just to see if it is a true interest. If you light up or have grace with it and are centered in that space while you are doing it where it does not even seem like work, then you have something there. Go for it! Make no apologies. Seek guiance if need be and search out opportunities like and put your whole heart into it. Refuse to play small. Believe.

For thise fortunate ones with a dream or who know their calling, my oh my how blessed are you! You are more than half way there! Keep the faith and believe in yourself. Stay at a posture of humility to learn and improve. Implement those into your craft and never ever give up. Seek out opportunities again, like and know that it may not happen the way you have at all planned out but that does not mean it won't happen. Be flexible in the "how" part and release any control over that. Remain a yielded vessel and stay true to your heart. Believe and go for it with your whole heart!

What's next for you?

I will work on a YoutubeChannel (@lynnsimskitchen, instagram) where people can follow me or I should say join me in continuing to pursue my dreams.

I will vlog about weightloss, cooking, and life. Incorporating the effects of an alkaline and healtheir diet and the impact being the best version of myself has on the pursuit of my dreams. In order to do the work I believe I am purposed to do, I need to be healthier and in shape. That's something major I took from this experience! There were long days and stamina is required. I want to be around to LIVE the dream as much as I have prayed and worked for the dream. As I work on that, I will continue to bake for others and I am working towards my Business License for that and of course ministry to others who may be afraid to change their story, stuck in shame or self defeat through cooking demonstrations or lessons and just sharing over food; in a healthy way. Life Lessons through Food. These will be videos as well. Hopefully there will be a Holiday Show on H&F where I am invited back. I mean I have a taste of my dream job now, there is no stopping me! I am ready, willing and capable!

I want to say thank you all for the opportunity! I am eternally thankful that you are now apart of the shift in my story!

(Top featured photo: Sharif Perry of Made You Look Photography, Atlanta, GA)

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