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DreamJobbing with Camp Laurel South in Maine

The DreamJobbing opportunity board is expanding rapidly. Understanding that the right opportunity in any industry can lead to an incredible dream job…we've started finding more extraordinary jobs to introduce to YOU, the DreamJobbing community.

We are proud to introduce Camp Laurel South as our first ever summer camp partner!

Camp Laurel South is set in beautiful Casco, Maine and embodies the ideal summer camp experience for kids and camp counselors alike. You'll find their Camp Counselor listing on our “Once In A Lifetime" opportunity board because we believe it is a rare and incredible chance for college students to spend a summer learning, exploring nature, and meeting new people.

Members of our DreamJobbing Team (Lisa Hennessy, Burton Roberts & Claire Marshall) were counselors at summer camps during their college careers. They could not wait to introduce Camp Laurel South Counselor as our newest dream job opportunity.

Highly Recommended...

The summer between my freshman and sophomore year I was a camp counselor in Maine. It was a life changing experience and one of the best summers of my life. I highly recommend it." – Lisa Hennessy, DreamJobbing Co-Founder

“I worked at a camp on the east coast my Sophomore year of college and it's always been one of my favorite memories. I loved working with kids and meeting other young counselors from all over the world who became life-long friends. Spending the day on the lake, playing sports, camp fires, and camp games-it was a summer of pure fun outside." Claire Marshall, DreamJobbing Project Manager

Internship or Camp Counselor?

Though the work is challenging, there are valuable lessons to learn and skills to acquire while at summer camp. These include leadership, working with diverse groups, team building, problem solving, and more.

These are high demand skills only obtained from real life experiences. While camp counselors enjoy the natural beauty of Maine, they'll also acquire the skills recruiters seek most when hiring new talent.

See what past counselors had to say…

I have never worked harder than I did this summer, but I have never gotten so much out of a job. Every day at Laurel South was an opportunity to live your best life and be the best person you can be, to try a new activity and make a new friend, and I would urge you to seize every single opportunity that comes your way."James, Camp Counselor 2017

Before coming to camp, I didn't know how much camp would impact my life. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of camp and the people who were a part of it. I'm forever grateful."Blake, Camp Counselor 2017

What's next?

Interested college students should apply through Camp Laurel South's camp counselor portal. Session one begins very soon and interviews will occur quickly and efficiently. Don't miss this “Once in a Lifetime" opportunity. Check out their DreamJobbing Page and apply today…or forever wish you had!

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