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Lessons Learned From Being DreamJobbing’s First Winner

It's hard to believe that it's been over a year since I became DreamJobbing's first winner and landed my dream job of hosting on live TV! I'm forever thankful to DreamJobbing for giving me a path to become a Social Buzz Reporter on VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live hosted by the one and only Nick Lachey. As I've moved forward with my hosting career, I've followed a number of valuable lessons that I learned from my DreamJobbing days.

Willpower Is Everything

When I competed in the final round of my DreamJobbing competition, I was arguably the least “qualified" candidate – at least in terms of work experience. I didn't have a fancy hosting reel or agent, I didn't have IMDB credits to my name and I certainly didn't have national TV hosting experience. Everyone else did. I was up against three other incredible contestants who were all already established in the entertainment world. As excited and grateful as I was to be to be in the final four, I would be lying if I said that there weren't times when I questioned if I had what a major network like VH1 would want. But I kept pushing forward. I took pride in the fact that I had come so far – I successfully made a DreamJobbing application video, solicited thousands of votes, and then interviewed with top VH1 executives! My belief in myself and my will to succeed (regardless of my background) undoubtedly helped me win the VH1 position over some very tough competition. I may not have had all of the traditional TV host qualities then, but I had willpower.

Dream Big, But Stay Grounded

I come from a single-parent, low-income home and in many ways I have always been working against the odds to pursue my dream to be an Entertainment TV Host. So when I heard my name announced as the Social Buzz Reporter winner, I was almost in disbelief. Here was an opportunity that I had worked so hard for – realized. I wanted to be as “perfect" of a reporter as I could be and my first day on the job went better than I could have imagined. Everyone at VH1 was so welcoming and I received great feedback from the executive producers. I started to dream about all of the possibilities that the position could bring and with my head in the clouds, I came to set the next day ready to try to wow everyone. Then, of course, I messed up. In an attempt to be an amazing reporter, I asked someone in the audience a question…but completely forgot to move the mic from myself to them. So I heard everything that they said but all of America did not. My producers gave me some tough love and positive feedback but I was crushed. How could I forget to do something so basic to hosting? I was so concerned with impressing everyone that I got in my own way. I went on to do really well at VH1 (and I will never make that mistake again!), but I learned a hard lesson that day about the importance of remaining grounded through success. Narcissism isn't a good look on anyone.

Work Hard And Play Nice

One of my life mottos is, “work hard and play nice – it's a big, small world." This is true in every field but particularly in entertainment. Entertainment is a multi-billion dollar global industry but it's a smaller professional space than you would think and everyone really does know everyone! I've been referred to jobs by low-ranking styling assistants who liked me (seriously) and I've heard plenty of stories from casting directors, agents and executive producers who did not hire really talented people because they were known to be not so nice. Talent isn't enough these days. No one wants to work with, or be friends with, a jerk. Try to think of the good in life and what you are truly grateful for so that you can genuinely find a way to be nice to everyone. You never know who may be in a position to help you out later in your career!

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